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Wortmanns Creek

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61 ° 6' 6" N,
145 ° 48' 32" W


Valdez-Cordova (CA)

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Tributary to

Lowe River


Wortmanns Glacier,


7.46 mi (12.01 km)


538 ft (163.98 m)


Rafting, Snowmachining

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Getting There


At 19 mile on Richardson Highway turn south on the dirt road right near the mile marker. Drive all the way to the bottom of the hill and park along the pipeline. There is a road out to Lowe River. Bring a pack raft or Kayak to cross the Lowe. The safest route is to go down the Lowe and then walk up along Wortmanns. Bushwhacking straight there through the woods isn't too difficult but be mindful of bears, and occasional devil's club.


Near 18.5 mile on the Richardson Highway, east of Valdez, the DOT has a gravel shed with ample parking past the shed. From near the shed walk east and there is a trail that rises up out of the gravel yard and passes through the trees then follows Sheep Creek to the Lowe River. Cross Sheep Creek and follow it to the Lowe. Cross the Lowe and follow the braid that flows down from the south. This is Wortmanns Creek.


Heading at the terminus of Wortmanns Glacier and flowing NW to the Lowe River just SE of Wortmanns and 16 mi E of Valdez, Chugach Mts.

Wortmanns Creek flows north from Wortmanns Glacier and joins the Lowe River. It would make for a good float trip but is seldom if ever done. Keep in mind it is glacier fed, and the air is cooler in the canyon if not in direct sun, so if floated take precautions for hypothermia.

Wortmanns Creek is part of a popular snowmachine(snowmobile) route.


Named in 1963 by A. S. Post "for the village of Wortmann.

Naming: Wortmanns Creek was named in 1963 by A. S. Post "for the village of Wortmann." Wortmann used to be a roadhouse and mining camp near Sheep Creek. It's now a private residence.

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