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Get closer to Alaska's most picturesque wilderness with an adventure tour from Alaska Guide Co. Our guided tours allow you to ride, hike, and climb in iconic Alaskan landscapes of icebergs, glaciers, alpine mountains, and fjords. We invite you to discover majesty and serenity with us as you explore an ice cave at the heart of a glacier, climb towering ice falls, or touch an iceberg made of snow that fell thousands of years ago.

Our custom private tours are lead by year round Alaskan residents who are trained professional guides.

Worthington Trek, Valdez

Our Worthington Glacier treks are family friendly tours allowing people to get up, close, and inside Worthington Glacier and big blue ice.

Valdez Glacier and Icebergs

An adventure in half a day to remember for all your life.

Valdez Guided Rock Climbing

Climbing tours offering perspective and adventure

Valdez Winter Ice Climbing

When you want to add that extra bit of adventure our guided ice climbing hits the spot. Also a good alternative for heliskiing down days.

Northern Lights Tours

Our custom Northern Lights tours are designed to guarantee you see the northern lights across much of Alaska, while keeping busy during the day.

Custom Adventure Tours

When you want come to Alaska and see it all, and do it all at your pace. This private custom tour completes your buck list.


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Different types of Glaciers and What They Are
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Anchorage’s Peak III: Urban Skiing at Its Best
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The Chugach front range contains many tantalizing looking ski lines. However, many of them are rarely in skiable condition. During some years, snowfall is light. Other years, howling winds or rain clean the snow away as soon as it falls. When everything does come together in the front range, there are endless exciting lines to be had. I feel extremely fortunate to have skied off the summit of The Ramp, Harp Mountain, and several other front range peaks.

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Snowboarding Thompson Pass
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Life's to short to put off seeing the world. Year after year had gone by and the stories of all the snow and terrain Alaska had to offer only built up. It was time to check it out and experience it for myself. I'd booked my flight and I was on my way to one of the snowiest places in North American. We were Alaska bound departing from the Pacific Northwest.

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