Alaska Guide's

Trail Projects

Here at Alaska Guide Company we feel there is abundant beauty surrounding us that goes unnoticed. With no one else developing access to these hidden gems we thought we'd fill the void. We are committed to not only opening new trails and routes but also maintaining them. Our company owners are happy to donate time and resources to this endeavor and many of our employees happily volunteer to rough the bushwhacking when it comes to scouting and surveying. We pay our employees when it comes to doing actual work on the trails.

We have had many people asking how they can support us in our efforts. We generally do trail work on the fly as our schedule and the weather allow, often it's short notice. Contact us if you have a flexible schedule and are interested in working on any of the following projects. You can donate funds or materials the following projects, or even just refer people to do a tour with us as this gives us a bigger opperating budget. Our trail projects have transparent ledgers so you can clearly see how we manage our resources.