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Browns Creek

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61 ° 3' 5" N,
145 ° 55' 45" W


Valdez-Cordova (CA)

Nearest City


Tributary to

Lowe River


282 ft (85.95 m)


Browns Creek in Detail.

Getting There

Around 12 mile on the Richardson Highway there are a couple dirt roads that lead to the south. The one just east of the old highway is the most direct route. It follows the Lowe River atop a dike immediately after it flows out of Keystone Canyon. The dike brings you to a pipeline access bridge that it gated. That's where you'd park.

From there cross the bridge and follow the access road until reaches a T junction. One side (left) looking up the mountain, and right leads to Browns Creek.


9.5 miles long. Heads in a glacier, flows N to Lowe River, 2 mi. SW of Keystone Canyon and 11 mi. ESE of Valdez, Chugach Mts.

Browns Creek is a small creek possible to wade across in spots. It leads back 9.5 miles into the mountains where it flows from an unnamed glacier. Because the creek can be shallow in sections it isn't usually floated. But it is on the cusp of possible depending on flow rates.


Local name published in the 1950's by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Browns Creek was a local name published in the 1950's by the USGS. Likely after a local prospector, or resident of some sort. However this information can not be confirmed more than speculated.

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