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61 ° 5' 47.76" N,
146 ° 0' 4.32" W



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5.5 mi (8.85 km)


5947 ft (1812.65 m)


Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowmachining

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The main trail to Hogsback is an old, now gated road, off the Richardson Highway a few miles outside of Valdez at (61.1069, -146.2310), east of Valdez Glacier Stream. There are trails from the city snow dump locations along the backside of the Robe River community. Which lead out to the old road.

Usually once there is a foot or two of snow on the ground the trail up Hogsback has been already been broken in. From the base it's a little over a five mile trail ride on snowmachine (snowmobile) to the top of Hogsback. The trail can be technical for anyone not comfortable on a snowmachine. Once opening up off the ridge the powder can be very deep.


Hogsback is a popular destination of Valdez residents in winter. It is a rewarding trail ride with continuous views, and a large bowl for powder riding at the top. Hogsback is generally a safe place to play as avalanche danger is minimal, though is possible for snow to sluff off the ridge above the bowl. Shedding isn't often large and doesn't extend much into the bowl.

Past the bowl it is possible to ride along to the backside on Corbin Glacier, and on to Hogback Glacier

Hogsback was featured in the Spring 2016 issue of American Snowmobiler, receiving a full page (pg6) to it.


Naming: The name extends from Hogback Glacier named in 1898 by Captain W.R. Abercrombie, of the USA.

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