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Conditions: Valdez Glacier Lake is now free from seasonal ice. Updated: 7 June 17:11


61 ° 8' 51.72" N,
146 ° 10' 0.12" W


Prince William Sound

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Valdez Glacier Stream


Valdez Glacier,


210 ft (64.01 m)


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Basically, a couple miles outside of Valdez there's a flashing yellow light over the highway where you turn on to Airport Rd (left turn if coming from Valdez). And take the road all the way to the end.


Located about 6 miles east of Valdez, Valdez Glacier Lake is a relatively young lake created by the recession of the Valdez Glacier. The glacier extended to the end of the lake up until the 1940's-1950's but has since receded nearly two-and-a-quarter miles back. In 2018, the glacier receded roughly 150ft across the face, and in 2019 the glacier has receded approximately 300ft more. On July 7th, 2020, the Valdez Glacier ice shelf collapsed increasing the length of the lake by just over a mile.

The lake is roughly 640ft deep, after being carved out by Valdez Glacier, is fed by myriad waterfalls and run off along and from Valdez Glacier along with Camica Creek. The average water temperature is usually below the mid 40's.

In winter the lake freezes several feet thick, and the lake is used for occasional ice skating when conditions allow (snow free surface), cross-country skiing, snowmachining/snowmobiling, sledding and winter walks.

Valdez Glacier Lake is dangerous for those not familiar with it. The ice in the lake can be lethal as it shifts.


On July 29, 2019, 3 people died while canoeing. Read More

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