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61 ° 10' 0" N,
145 ° 19' 60" W


Valdez-Cordova (CA)

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4049 ft (1234.14 m)


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The Chugach Mountains are a coastal range that extend from Knik Arm and Turnagain Arm on the west to Bering Glacier, Tana Glacier, and Tana River on the east; they are bounded on north by Matanuska, Copper, and Chitina Rivers. The range is approximately 9512. 250 miles long by 60 miles wide.

The As they line the southcentral coast of Alaska on the northwest side of the Gulf of Alaska the Chugach Mountains receive an average of around 150 inches of precipitation annually. However places in the range like Thompson Pass receive an average of 550 inches of snow each winter. Making the Chugach Mountains some of the best skiing/snowboarding on the planet.

The tallest mountain in the Chugach is Mount Marcus Baker at the head of Kink Glacier, with an elevation of 13,100 ft.


Alutiiq/Aleut tribal name recorded by the Russians and written by them "Chugatz" and "Tchougatskoi"; in 1898 Captain W. R. Abercrombie, USA, spelled the name "Chugatch" and applied it to the mountains.

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The Chugach front range contains many tantalizing looking ski lines. However, many of them are rarely in skiable condition. During some years, snowfall is light. Other years, howling winds or rain clean the snow away as soon as it falls. When everything does come together in the front range, there are endless exciting lines to be had. I feel extremely fortunate to have skied off the summit of The Ramp, Harp Mountain, and several other front range peaks.