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61 ° 2' 37.864" N,
145 ° 31' 3.63" W


Valdez-Cordova (CA)

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5 mi (8.05 km)


4206 ft (1281.99 m)

Marshall Glacier in Detail.

Getting There

The easiest way to access Marshall Glacier other than by plane or helicopter out of Valdez. Is to take the Bench Glacier approach and work your way east across the bench through the alpine. This would also be the easiest land based route in winter on snowmachine (snowmobile).


In the Chugach Mountains, trending north to its terminus 3 miles southwest of Marshall Pass and 25 miles east of Valdez. (AK-T1)

Marshall Glacier sits outside of Valdez and can be seen from the Richardson Highway, while driving down Thompson Pass towards Valdez. It sits on a slope across a valley from the highway. Marshall Glacier is a fairly mild glacier with most of it's rapid elevation drop being at its terminus.

Marshall Glacier sits on the east side of Marshall Pass which means all of its drainage flows down to the Copper River.


Local name published in the 1950's by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). (AK-T1)

Naming: Marshall Glacier is a local name published in the 1950's by USGS. Likely taking it's name from Marshall Pass which it feeds into, which was named in 1898 by Captain W.R. Abercrombie.

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