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59 ° 4' 54.001" N,
135 ° 28' 21" W



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Glacier River


4.6 mi (7.4 km)


1703 ft (519.07 m)

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Davidson Glacier is across Chilkat Inlet from Haines. You will either need a boat or a plane to get to Glacier Point. From there it's a short hike up to the base of the glacier. Mountain Flying Service provides air taxi services to Glacier Point to get to the base of Davidson Glacier or they can fly you to the top of the glacier. You can get across Chilkat Inlet on your own with a boat but check the Lynn Canal weather warnings prior and be prepared for weather to turn. The hike from the inlet to the lake is roughly a quarter mile continuing to the glacier terminus about another three-quarter miles.


Davidson Glacier heads on E slope of Chilkat Range at 5901N, 13533W, trends E to its terminus, (1954), 1.4 mi. SW of Glacier Point on Chilkat Inlet, 6 mi. SW of Haines, St. Elias Mts. 4 miles long.

Davidson Glacier begins on the borders of Glacier Bay in the Chilkat Mountains and flowed 4.6 miles to its terminus in 1954. These days it's about 4 miles long. At time of its western discovery Davidson Glacier was a tidal glacier.


Naming: Davidson Glacier was named in 1867 by USC&GS for George Davidson, 1825-1911, and published in the 1869 Coast Pilot (pg 106). The Tlingit name was reported as "Ssitkaje" by Aurel and Arthur Krause in an 1883 map.

Fatalities: A party of six passengers, 4 German tourist, one tour guide, and pilot, died in Piper Cherokee Six N39586, during a plane crash July 30, 2001. The flight was operated by LAB who was know for their poor safety record and eventually shut down by the FAA in 2008. The victims were; Chad Beer, Marianne Cederberg, Siegrid Kahlbohm, Uwe Kahlbohm, Helmut Auer, Martin Fenderhofer.

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