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59 ° 14' 0.96" N,
135 ° 27' 41.04" W


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The closest thing to Cicely setting wise might be Haines. It's pine population is located about 10 mile along the Haines Highway and extends up the mountain side. However time wise in relation to the distances from driving to and from Anchorage would likely place it somewhere on the Kenai Peninsula. Maybe Cooper Landing or Homer. Both Haines and Homer are towns on the water which Cicely isn't.


Cicely is the beloved town of 1990's tv show Northern Exposure. In Alaska for a town to have that many large trees if would need to be along the coast.

The town of Cicely is actually Roslyn, Washington. Which is somewhat funny because Roslyn is hot and dry in summer and full of pine trees. Only a small grove of pine trees grow in Alaska, just outside of Haines.