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61 ° 4' 56" N,
146 ° 15' 0" W



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39 ft (11.89 m)


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From Valdez, head out the Richardson Highway, around milepost 3 turn right on to Dayville Rd. travel about a mile and park across the street from the Petro Star refinery. There is a pipeline access road. travel up that, cross the pipeline, (avoid the building and items) directly across the pipeline the Gulch begins.


trends N-S 3 mi. on a tributary of Lowe River, 2.5 mi. S of Valdez; Chugach Mts.

Abercrombie Gulch is a narrow canyon, located near Valdez, through which Abercrombie Creek flows. In summer months the gulch is nigh impossible to navigate up as the rock walls have been warn smooth, and there are many narrow drops of the stream. Travel across the higher portion of the east wall is possible through thick alder bush whacking. The walls become steep and there are a couple avalanche chutes that can be dangerous and difficult to cross. If one wishes to take a safer route, travel above the west wall just outside the canyon along the base of Sugarloaf Mountain is possible. The terrain is milder but the course is continual thick bush whacking.

In winter months Abercrombie Creek freezes over and if it has been a constant cold winter, after December it can become possible for one to travel up the middle of the gulch with crampons and ice tools. Note this can be dangerous as you are traveling atop a frozen creek where there are beds ankle deep to pools over 10ft deep. Ice conditions can change throughout winter. Travel is at ones discretion and experience. The walls of the canyon weep so there are many small walls and icefalls for climb and travel along besides those created by the creek.


Named in 1911 by J. W. Bagely, and C.E. Giffin, USGS, for Captain William R. Abercrombie, USA, who explored this area in 1884 and 1898-99.

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