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Mount Merriam

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58 ° 54' 5" N,
136 ° 26' 8.999" W


Hoonah-Angoon (CA)

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4590 ft (1399.03 m)

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in Glacier Bay National Monument, 0.6 mi. N of head of Twin Glacier, 66 mi. NW of Hoonah, St. Elias Mts.


Named by members of the 1941 Glacier Bay Expedition for Dr. Clinton Hart Merriam, 1855-1942, Chief of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Biological Survey. He was with the Harriman Expedition in 1899 and was editor of the Harriman Alaska Series of the Smithsonian Institution. Merriam was born in New York and practiced medicine 1879-85. He became chief of the U.S. Biological Survey in 1885, a position he held until 1910. In 1891 visited Alaska as a member of the U.S. Bering Seal Commission. He was a founder of the National Geographical Society and the Chairman of the U.S. Geographic Board, 1917-25. He was also the author of numerous publications.