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58 ° 41' 31" N,
135 ° 6' 51" W



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90 mi (144.84 km)


2,000 ft / 610 m


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Travel to Skagway, Haines, or Juneau


trends S from Chilkat Island to Chatham Strait, 22 mi. W of Juneau Lynn Canal isn't really a canal but a fjord that runs nearly 90 miles long, north-south, at the northern end of Southeast Alaska. It's the deepest fjord in North America at over 2,000 feet (233 fathoms). In the summer months Lynn Canal sees an uptick in traffic as cruise ships, increased ferries, and barges travel make runs up and down the fjord.


Lynn Canal is home to many forms of marine wildlife. In summer months humpback whales spend time here feeding. Orcas can be found year round, along with Dalls Porpoise. Harbor seals and Stellar sea lions are also found here year round. River otters can be seen moving up and down the canal sometimes traveling between river. Sea otters are less common the further north up the fjord you travel.

All types of salmon can be found in Lynn Canal, along with halibut. Large sharks also inhabit the waters, often at great depths that they are seldom ever seen.


Examined by Joseph Whidbey and named in July, 1794, by Captain Vancouver (1798, v. 3, p. 249), Royal Navy (RN), for his birthplace, King's Lynn, Norfolk, England (H. R. Wagner, 1937, p. 395).

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