Steller Sea Lion

Eumetopias jubatus

Steller Sea Lion Alaska

Steller Sea Lion

  • Latin: Eumetopias jubatus
  • Yup'ik: apakcuk
  • Tlingit: taan
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Chances of seeing Steller Sea Lion in Alaska
  • Description

    Stellar Sea Lions are the largest of the eared seal family and are voracious hunters, mainly feeding on fish, squid, and octopus. They can weigh up to 1.2 tons. Males have an average lifespan of 18 years while females tend to live up to 30 years. In the 1980-1990's sea lion populations took a substantial decline.



  • Habitat & Range
    Alaska Range Map
    Habitat of Steller Sea Lion in Alaska In Alaska Steller sea lion are found throughout coastal water south of the Chukchi Sea.

    The best way to view sea lions is to travel to a haul out, or follow large schools of spawning fish.

    Sometime within the first few weeks of May groups of up to a few hundred Stellar Sea Lions gather near Haines to chase eulachon up the Chilkat or Chilkoot inlet.


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