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Dutch Harbor

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53 ° 54' 0" N,
166 ° 31' 48" W


Aleutians West (CA)

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on E coast of Amaknak I., in Unalaska Bay, on N coast of Unalaska I., Aleutian Islands.


It was so named by the Russians because it is believed that a Dutch vessel was the first to enter the harbor; Father Veniaminov (1840, v. 1, p. 188) reported that earlier navigators called it "Holland Harbor." Its Aleut name was published by Lieutenant Sarichev (1826, map 14, dated 1792), Imperial Russian Navy (IRN), as "Udakhta" which may be from the words "uddaq" and "daxtakuqing." According to R. H. Geoghegan, these words mean "bay" and "to rest." Sarichev may have used this name because he spent the winter of 1791-92 in this bay (Lutke, 1836, p. 282).