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61 ° 42' 18.72" N,
149 ° 16' 40.08" W


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1.5 mi (2.41 km)


4781 ft (1457.25 m)

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Getting There

From Palmer take Palmer-Fishhook Road toward Hatcher Pass. Turn left onto Edgerton Parks Road at milepost 7. Go one mile down then turn right on to Mountain Trails Drive, the entrance. There is a parking fee. The parking lot is gated and the gate is closed from 10pm-8am.


Blueberry Knoll Trail is a moderate-steep 1.5 mile, hike 1,550 ft up Blueberry Knoll and on up to Government Peak. The trail is easily followed but not in the best of conditions and may not be suitable for children.

At the top of Blueberry Knoll there is a picnic table to rest and enjoy the broad views of the Matanuska Valley, outward to Cook Inlet.

The trail is often done in early season and the trail conditions seem to deteriorate later in the season. Later on the in the season stinging nettle grows along and leans into the trail so be sure to hike it in pants. Also in wet times the trail can become very muddy and in the steeper sections very slick. Bear activity has been observed on the trail so be mindful and prepared for a bear encounter.

The hike takes an average of two-three hours to complete. From the top of Blueberry Knoll one can hike the ridge, continuing up to Government Peak.

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