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American River

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57 ° 39' 2" N,
152 ° 30' 49" W


Kodiak Island

American River in Detail.


Heads 2.5 mi ESE of Center Mountain, flows NE to Little Cove at the head of Middle Bay 12 mi SE of Kodiak, Kodiak Island. 10 miles long.


Local name reported in 1952 by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Places Near American River

Kashevaroff Mountain,


Channel Rock, Cyane Rock, Discovery Rocks, Hutchinson Reef, Nyman Spit, Pinnacle Rock, Refuge Rock, Saint George Rock, Vasilief Rock,


Brookers Lagoon, Chiniak Bay, Crab Lagoon, Gibson Cove, Isthmus Bay, Kalsin Bay, Kodiak Harbor, Little Cove, Middle Bay, Mill Bay, Monashka Bay, Pasagshak Bay, Pelenga Bay, Portage Bay, Saint Herman Bay, Saint Herman Harbor, Saint Paul Harbor, Shahafka Cove, Ugak Bay, Womens Bay,


Finny Beach, Happy Beach, Holiday Beach,


Azimuth Point, Broad Point, Bruhn Point, Cliff Point, Frye Point, Icehouse Point, Isthmus Point, Miller Point, Nyman Peninsula, Sawmill Point, Shannon Point, Shark Point, Spruce Cape, Termination Point, Three Pillar Point,


Woody Island Channel,




Bettinger A Dam, Lake Bettinger B Dam, Lake Bettinger C Dam, Lake Bettinger D Dam, Monashka Creek Dam, Pillar Creek 2 Main Dam Dike C, Pillar Creek Dam Number 2 Dike A, Pillar Creek Dam Number 3, Pillar Creek Number 1 Upper Dam A, Pillar Creek Number 1 Upper Dam B, Pillar Creek Number 2 Dike B Dam, Stovers Dam, Upper Reservoir Dam,

Fictional Places:



Bell Flats,


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Abercrombie Lake, Lake Aurel, Barry Lagoon, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake, Bull Lake, Buskin Lake, Lake Caroline, Lake Catherine, Lake Cicely, Dark Lake, Dragonfly Lake, Elephant Lake, Genivieve Lake, Heitman Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Icehouse Lake, Island Lake, Jack Lake, Kalsin Pond, Lake Lee, Lilly Lake, Lily Pond Lake, Long Lake, Lake Louise, Lupin Lake, Mayflower Lake, Lake Miam, Mission Lake, Lake Orbin, Peninsula Lake, Lake Phil, Potatopatch Lake, Lake Rose Teed, Salt Lake, Snag Lake, Southern Lake, Tanignak Lake, Lake Una,


Barometer Mountain, Boyer Peak, Cope Mountain, Devils Prongs, Erskine Mountain, Heitman Mountain, Monashka Mountain, Old Womens Mountain, Pillar Mountain, Pyramid Mountain, Raymond Peak, Shaft Peak, Sharatin Mountain, Twin Peaks,


Taller Pinnacle,


Eddys Range, Marin Range, Zaimka Ridge,


American River, Buskin River, Olds River, Red Cloud River,


Bear Creek, Black Canyon Creek, Devils Creek, Frank Creek, Kalsin Creek, Mayflower Creek, Monashka Creek, Myrtle Creek, Panamaroff Creek, Pillar Creek, Roslyn Creek, Russian Creek, Salonie Creek, Salt Creek, Sargent Creek, Small Creek, Virginia Creek, Zenter Stream,


Barometer Mountain Trail, Boy Scout Trail, Near Island Trail, Old Womens Mountain Trail, Pillar Mountain Trail,


Aleksashkina, Eagle Harbor (historical), Mill Bay, Womens Bay,