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Ugak Bay

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57 ° 27' 6" N,
152 ° 42' 7" W


Kodiak Island

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Port Lions

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extends NW off Gulf of Alaska, on E coast of Kodiak I.


Native name given in 1805 by Lisianski (1814, p. 173) as "Bay of Ihack." Published as "Za(liv) Igatskoy" or "Igat Bay" by Sarichev (1826, map 3). Name possibly comes from the Aleut "qugaq" which, according to R. H. Geoghegan means "evil spirit." Wagner (1937, p. 492) says "According to Baker's dictionary (p. 646) * * * Puerto de Roxas * * * was a Spanish name for Ugak Bay * * * but I have never discovered it on any Spanish map in that locality."