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Sitth-gha-ee Peak

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59 ° 6' 14" N,
135 ° 56' 3" W


Hoonah-Angoon (CA)


5577 ft (1699.87 m)


Sitth-gha-ee Peak in Detail.


in Glacier Bay National Monument, 2.7 mi. NW of Coleman Peak and 33 mi. SW of Skagway, St. Elias Mts.


Tlingit Indian name reported to mean "great cold lake," which refers to Glacier Bay at the time of John Muir's visit in 1879. "They told us that th bay was called by them Sit-a-da-kay, or Ice Bay; that there were many large ice mountains in it***." (Muir, 1915, p. 143). The name was published by the American Georgraphical Society in 1947. published by the america geogrophical sovety 1947.