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Hugh Miller Glacier

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58 ° 44' 29" N,
136 ° 41' 12" W


Hoonah-Angoon (CA)

Nearest City



4.2 mi (6.76 km)


1112 ft (338.94 m)

Hugh Miller Glacier in Detail.


1.8 mi. NW fo Gullied Peak, Glacier Bay National Monument, 63 mi. NW of Hoonha, St. Elias Mts.


Named in 1879 by John Muir (1915, p. 147) for Hugh Miller, 1802-56, Scottish geologist. Miller was a writer and stone mason until the age of 35 when he became interested in geology. His scientific articles on "The Old Red Sandstone" and others have becaome classics. His elder son, Hugh Miller, 1850-96, was a member of the Geological Survey of England and later of Scotland. In 1879 John Muir found one large glacier at the head of Hugh Millr Inlet. By 1892 it had receded into two branches. Reid (1896, p. 428), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), retained the name "Hugh Miller" for the larger glacier and the other he named "Charpentier Glacier."