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Geikie Glacier

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58 ° 35' 48" N,
136 ° 36' 34" W


Hoonah-Angoon (CA)


1 mi (1.61 km)


1493 ft (455.07 m)


Geikie Glacier in Detail.


heads 1 mi. SW of Blackthorn Peak, trends N to its 1950 terminus, 0.3 mi. W of Geikie Inlet, Glacier Bay National Monument, 52 mi. NW of Hoonah, St. Elias Mts. 6 miles long.


Named in 1879 by John Muir (1915, p. 144) for James Geikie, 1839-1915, British geologist. Geikie was born in Scotland and joined the Geological Survey in 1861. In 1882 he became professor of geology and minerology at Edinburgh University He was the author of "The Great Ice Age" and other geological publications. When H. F. Reid visited Glacier Bay in 1892 he found that the Geidie Glacier of John Muir had retreated so far That it had become two smaller glaciers. He retained the name "Geikie" for the more northerly of the two, and called the other "Wood Glacier" (Reid, 1896, p. 428). Wood Glacier has now disappeared.