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56 ° 35' 15" N,
169 ° 43' 30" W


Aleutians West (CA)

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112 ft (34.14 m)

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just E of Rush Point, on SW coast of Saint George I., in Pribilof Islands.


Aleut name, meaning "Atka natives' trail," reported by Putnam (1903, p. 1015), U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (USC&GS). "The tradition is that natives of Atka who had been taken to Saint Paul by the Russians left Saint Paul in their bidarkas, intending to return to Atka. They landed on the beach below this point, not knowing where they were, and hauled their bidarkas up on the bluff and spent the night on top. They then went to Zapadni where they lived for a time, and were later taken to Atka by the Russians. This place does not seem to offer a safe place of descent at present."