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64 ° 54' 49" N,
141 ° 11' 15" W


Southeast Fairbanks (CA)


840 ft (256.03 m)


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Getting There

The cheapest way to get to Calico Bluff is by driving to Eagle and floating down the Yukon River. However this means being able to continue floating to Circle or arranging for an air taxi to come pick you up.


extends on right bank of Yukon River, 8 mi. N of Eagle, Yukon-Tanana High. 1 mile long.

Calico Bluff sits along the Yukon River 5.5 miles east of the Canadian border, 12 miles down river from Eagle, about 25 miles along the Yukon after it leaves Canada and enters Alaska. The bluff stands out with its high cliffs and winding rock strata composed mostly of limestone and dark brownish-gray shale.

Calico Bluff is an attraction inside Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve for those floating the Yukon. It servers as a marker that you have now entered the preserve. The park calls it a "rare location of North America where so much geologic history is preserved."


Riverboat pilots' descriptive name shown on a 1901 manuscript chart.

Age: The Calico Bluff Formation is of Late Mississippian to Early Pennsylvanian age (Foster, 1976)(Off