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55 ° 55' 1" N,
130 ° 1' 29" W


Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA)


115 ft (35.05 m)


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Most people get to Hyder by plane from Ketchikan, or just drive in through Canada.


population 32, at mouth of Salmon River, on W bank of Portland Canal, Coast Mts.

Hyder is a small town literally on the USA-Canadaian border. It sits a couple miles southwest of Stewart, British Columbia and there is no border patrol between the two towns. It is the easternmost town in Alaska. The population of Hyder usually hangs somewhere between 75-100 people.


This mining community, the esternmost village in Alaska, was established in 1907 and named "Portland City" because of its location. When the post office was established in 1915, the U. S. Post Office Dept. rejected this name. The village was named Hyder for Frederick Hyder, a Canadian mining engineer who was brought to Portland City in 1914 to examine some claims. "Among the claims examined by him was the Big Missouri, belonging to Daniel Lindeborg. His report on this was so favorable that Lindeborg later proposed his name * * * for the post office." The population in 1945 was 254, mostly Indians (Colby, 1945, p. 124); in 1962 it was about 30 (Alaska Sportsman, 1962, No. 12, p. 26). According to US@C&GS the town is now practically deserted (1962, p. 28).