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Ulloa Channel

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55 ° 18' 47.002" N,
133 ° 16' 19.999" W


Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA)

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extends SE off Bucareli Bay, between Prince of Wales and Suemez Is., Alex. Arch.


This feature was named "Canal Ysla de Ulloa," meaning "Canal of Ulloa Island," by the Spanish about 1792, possibly for Francisco de Ulloa, a Spanish explorer; shortened to Ulloa Channel in 1907 by E. F. Dickins, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (USC&GS). "Ulloa canal appears to have derived its name from being supposed to communicate with Cordova Bay, the land north of Cordova Bay being styled Isla Ulloa (Ulloa Island) in Galiano's Atlas (1802, map3)" 1883, p. 97).

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