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El Capitan Passage

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56 ° 1' 31.001" N,
133 ° 16' 25" W


Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA)

Nearest City

Coffman Cove

El Capitan Passage in Detail.


extends from Sea Otter Sound to Shakan Strait, between Kosciusko I. and Prince of Wales I., Alex. Arch. 27 miles long.


Named in 1904 by E. F. Dickins, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (USC&GS), "after El Capitan Marble Quarry and Mill, on N shore * * *."

Places Near El Capitan Passage

Calder, Deweyville, Karheen, Tuxekan,


Kleiti Islands, Kussu Islands,


Fir Rock, Peep Rock,


Chusini Cove, Clam Cove, Cyrus Cove, Davidson Inlet, Devilfish Bay, Exchange Cove, Guhao Inlet, Gutchi Cove, Jinhi Bay, Kahli Cove, Kaigao Cove, Kaikli Cove, Karheen Cove, Little Naukati Bay, Naukati Bay, Nichin Cove, Rocky Bay, Rocky Cove, Sarheen Cove, Sarkar Cove, Sea Otter Sound, Surku Cove, Tokeen Bay, Tokeen Cove, Tunga Inlet,


Aneskett Point, Dargun Point, Istku Point, Kaigao Point, Kaishi Point, Kinani Point, Kugun Point, Kussan Point, Kutegi Point, Kwati Point, Sarkar Point, Shikat Point, Tahka Point, Turn Point, White Point,


Brockman Pass, Dry Pass, El Capitan Passage, Marble Passage, Skookumchuck, Tenass Pass, Tuxekan Narrows, Tuxekan Passage, Whale Passage, White Cliff Passage,


Kladein Flats,


Pin Peak,


Aikens Rock, Brockman Island, Burnt Island, Cap Island, Clam Island, Clump Island, Dot Island, Dove Island, El Capitan Island, Elghi Island, Flat Island, Fontaine Island, Garden Island, Graveyard Island, Hauti Island, Hoot Island, Hub Rock, Kassan Islands, Keski Island, Klinau Island, Knob Island, Mabel Island, Marble Island, North Island, Orr Island, Owl Island, Rookery Islands, San Island, Sangao Island, Scott Island, Scow Island, Sigh Islands, Singa Island, Spanberg Island, Staney Island, Teal Island, Tenass Island, Tuxekan Island, Twin Islands, Village Rock, White Cliff Island,


El Capitan Lake, Cavern Lake, Exchange Lake, Karheen Lakes, Neck Lake, Salmon Bay Lake, Salt Water Lagoon, Sarkar Lake, Scott Lagoon, Shipley Lake, Sink Hole Lake, Sutter Lake, Twin Island Lake,


El Capitan Peak, Holbrook Mountain, The Nipples, Pyramid Peak, Red Bay Mountain, Tokeen Peak,

Mountain Passes:



Big Creek, Exchange Creek, Gutchi Creek, Karheen Creek, Mabel Creek, Marble Creek, Naukati Creek, Sarkar Creek, Shakan Creek, Squaw Creek, Staney Creek, Sutter Creek, Tokhini Creek, Yatuk Creek,


Naukati Bay, New Tokeen, Tokeen, Whale Pass,