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East Foreland

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60 ° 43' 13" N,
151 ° 24' 22" W


Kenai Peninsula


200 ft (60.96 m)


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on E shore of Cook Inlet, 13 mi. NE of Kenai, Cook Inlet Low.


Named by Captain George Vancouver, Royal Navy (RN), about April 18, 1794. The Tanaina Indian name, reported by the Russian scientist I. G. Wosnesenski in 1840, was "Mikischkin" or "Tuchan Tan," "tan," meaning "cape." This point of land appears to be the same called "Punta de Martinez" by Don Juan de la Bodega y Quadra in 1791. "Perhaps Bodega named it from some account by Mondofia who was in charge of the launch (that went ashore near there), or Mondofia himself, who had been with Esteban Martinez in 1788, named it" (Wagner, 1937, p. 471).