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57 ° 37' 14.002" N,
152 ° 9' 24.001" W


Kodiak Island

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S point of entrance to Chiniak Bay, 15 mi. SE of Kodiak, Kodiak I.


Aleut name reported in 1888 by Lieutenant Commander Tanner, U.S. Navy (USN), of the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries (USBF) steamer Abatross. Named "Cape Greville" on June 8, 1778, by Captain Cook (1785, v. 2, p. 405-406) who wrote, "The land here forms a point, which was named Cape Greville * * * and is distant fifteen leagues from Cape St. Hermogenes, in the direction of South, 17degrees W * * *." Baker (1906, p. 179) reports "von Langsdorf(f) identifies it (Cape Chiniak) with Cape Hermogenes of Bering, 1741. The Russians usually called it 'Tolstoi' (broad) * * *." This is incorrect as the name "Tolstoy" is applied to Cape Greville by the Russians. This feature was identified as "Mys Chiniatskiy," or "Chiniat Cape," by Sarichev (1826, map 16) and as "Mys Chiniak," or Chiniak Cape," by Captain Tebenkov (1852, map 23). See Cape Greville.