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55 ° 14' 21" N,
132 ° 6' 51" W


Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA)


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Indenting the SE side of Prince of Wales Island in Tongass National Forest, extending E and NE from the junction of its West and South Arms to Clarence Strait, Alex. Arch. 11 miles long.


Named by Captain George Vancouver, Royal Navy (RN), August 21, 1793, for Hugh, Earl of Cholmondeley (Wagner, 1937, p. 380). Captain Tebenkov (1852, map 9) published the name "Zaliv Chasiny (Kalmondeley)," or "Chasiny (Kalmondeley) Bay." It is shown as "Bukhata i Reid Cholmondelei," meaning "Cholmondeley Bay and Roadstead," on Russian Hydrographic Dept. Chart 1493 published in 1853. See Apod2c2, Bocas de.

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