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Three Saints Harbor

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57 ° 9' 0" N,
153 ° 31' 0" W


Kodiak Island


1762 ft (537.06 m)


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on W shore of Three Saints Harbor, in Three Saints Bay, SE coast of Kodiak I.


Site of the first permanent Russian settlement in Alaska; established by Shelikov, founder of the Russian American Company. It As the headquarters of the company for only a short time before it was moved to Saint Paul (Kodiak). Sarichev (1826, map 17) applied the name "Seleniye Rossiysko-Amyerikanskoy Kompaniy," or "Settlement of the Russian American Company." Baker (1906, p. 625) wrote, "Three Saints has, by a curious transformation, became Ziatitz on some maps. The Russian verb sviatit, to sanctify, whence sviatoi, a saint, was written in English, 1849, by the Russian skipper Archimandritof Zfiatitz. The manuscript map on which this appeared***was published by the United States (Navy) Hydrographic Office in 1869. On that map we have 'Hr of 3 Saints and Zfiatitz'. One more changed and we have-on late charts-Ziatitz as the name of the native village Nunamiut." See Nunamiut.