Lost Toque Trail

Lost Toque Trail

Status: Cleared

Cost: $706.25 Hours: 119.1

Project Objective: Lost Toque Trail is intended to provide hiking access to the alpine of West Peak by clearing a route through the alders removing the bushwhacking obstacle. Additional benefits include bouldering, rock climbing, and light mountaineering to the summit of West Peak. It also opens up hiking views of Lowe River Valley, Port Valdez, the airport and the town of Valdez.

Project Description:


Project Ledger

DateCostHoursOverviewMore Info
2022-08-28-3.5BrushingRead Entry
2022-08-10-3.5BrushingRead Entry
2022-07-05-2.0BrushingRead Entry
2022-06-19-3.0BrushingRead Entry
2022-06-17146.254.5BrushingRead Entry
2022-05-23-3.0LevelingRead Entry
2022-05-14-4.0Brushing, Trail Clearing, Rock Work Around Creek CrossingRead Entry
2021-09-25-5.0Brushing, Spur DevelopmentRead Entry
2021-09-11-2.3BrushingRead Entry
2021-07-26200.003.4Brushing, Weed WhackingRead Entry
2021-06-26100.007.0Brushing, ClearingRead Entry
2021-06-24160.006.7Brushing, ClearingRead Entry
2021-05-24100.0010.0Brushing, ClearingRead Entry
2020-06-09-8.0Brushing, ExplorationRead Entry
2020-06-06-14.0Brushing, ExplorationRead Entry
2020-05-29-5.3BrushingRead Entry
2020-05-27-3.0BrushingRead Entry
2020-05-26-4.0Brushing, SurveyingRead Entry
2020-05-21-6.2BrushingRead Entry
2020-05-20-6.5Brushing, ExplorationRead Entry
2020-05-19-7.0Brushing, ExplorationRead Entry
2020-05-16-7.2Brushing, SurveyingRead Entry