Area 51 Summer Access

Area 51 Summer Access

Status: Over Grown

Cost: $130 Hours: 45.1

Project Objective: Reopen summer access to some of the best hiking in Valdez. Area 51 is a large alpine bench with amazing views. Phase One was brushing out the salmonberries, devils club, and other brush for unobstructed hiking access to Area 51. Phase Two will be improvements to the trail for a smoother hike and defined trail to the end of Area 51 and over the ridge to Jack Bay drainage.

Project Description: In 2021 we completed Phase One reopening the trail for summer access to Area 51. 2022 our trail team left mid-season and 2023 we were shorthanded. We hope to open the trail back up by July 2024.

History: The Area 51 trail was initially put in for snowmachine access and due to time constraints of maintenance it wasn't kept open for summer access.

Project Ledger

DateCostHoursOverviewMore Info
2022-09-05-1.0BrushingRead Entry
2022-06-14130.005.0BrushingRead Entry
2021-09-24-10.0Bushwhacking, Surveying, ExplorationRead Entry
2021-09-15-6.0BrushingRead Entry
2021-09-14-4.3BrushingRead Entry
2021-08-25-6.5BrushingRead Entry
2021-08-13-5.0BrushingRead Entry
2021-08-05-4.6BrushingRead Entry
2018-09-07-1.2SurveyingRead Entry
2018-09-04-1.5SurveyingRead Entry