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59 ° 41' 49" N,
135 ° 14' 19" W




3461 ft (1054.91 m)


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on Alaska-Canada boundary, 4.1 mi. NE of Mount Hoffman and 17 mi. N of Skagway, Coast Mts.


Local name published by U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (USC&GS) as "Chilkoot Portage" and "Shasheki Pass" in the 1883 Alaska Coast Pilot (p. 278 and 200) It was called "Perrier Pass" by Lieutenant Frederick Schwatka, USA, in 1883. The Indian name "Dejah" was published by Arthur and Aurel Krause (1883, map). The first known cross of this pass by a "white man" was made in 1864 or 1865 by an employee of the Hudson Bay Co., who started at Fort Selkirk and was delivered by the Chilkoot Indians to Captain Swandson (complete name not available), commander of one of the company's steamers. The first expedition to cross the pass was that of George Holt in 1875, who travelled from Lynn Canal to the headwaters of the Yukon River. With the discovery of gold in the Yukon in the 1870's, this pass was used by many prospectors and during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1896, the Dyea-Chilkoot Pass route became one of the important routes to the gold fields.