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52 ° 10' 17" N,
175 ° 31' 6" W


Aleutians West (CA)


945 ft (288.04 m)


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15 mi. NW of Atka I., Andrfanof Islands.; Aleutian Islands.

Kasatochi is an active volcano the erupted on August 7, 2008. The volcano island lies in the central Aleutian Islands, within the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge (AMNWR). The island was under observation by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services prior to the eruption and were able to have myriad observations to compare post eruption Kasatochi to pre eruption Kasatochi.

Kasatochi previously supported a colony of nearly 250,000 least and crested auklets. There were only seven such colonies in the Aleutians.


Russian name published as "Kosatochyey" by Lieutenant Sarichev (1802, v. 2, p. 179), Imperial Russian Navy (IRN); shown as "L'ile Kassatotchy" by Lutke (1836, p. 310), and as "O(strov) Kasatochiy" on Russian Hydrographic Dept. Chart 1400 (1848). Imperial Russian Navy (IRN), as an extinct crater, containing a lake.