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52 ° 46' 0" N,
169 ° 15' 0" W


Aleutians West (CA)


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chain comprises E end of Aleutian Is., between Alaska Peninsula to the E, and Islands of Four Mountains to the W, extend from Isanotski Strait SW about to Samalga Pass; include Samalga, Umnak, Unalaska, Unimak and the Krenitzin Is., along with other smaller islands


Name first recorded in May, 1778 by Captain Cook (1785, v. 2, p. 380), RN. Sarichev (1826, map 1), Imperial Russian Navy (IRN) published the name in Russian as "Ostrova Lisyy," or "Fox islands" and Captain Lutke (1836, p. 279) Imperial Russian Navy (IRN), published the name in French as "Iles aux Renards." Baker (1906, p. 265) says "The whole Aleutian chain is known to mariners and whalemen as the Fox Islands * * *." See Aleutian Islands.