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61 ° 22' 3" N,
148 ° 17' 55" W


Valdez-Cordova (CA)

Nearest City



30 mi (48.28 km)


2093 ft (637.95 m)



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Getting There

There are no roads to the Knik Glacier, most travel up the Knik River by jet or airboat, yet the lake packed thick with ice bergs often prevents boating all the way to the glacier. Air Taxi is also an option. There is an eight mile trail at the end of Knik River Road, but the trail includes water crossings so bring a packraft.


heads on Mount Marcus Baker, trends W to its terminus near head of Knik River, 20 mi. SE of Palmer, Chugach Mts.

Knik Glacier is a very large glacier, up to five miles wide and 28 miles long, located east of Palmer. There is no road access to the glacier. The closest road stops 8 miles shy of the glacier.


Eskimo name reported in 1906 by T. G. Gerdine and R. H. Sargent, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Naming: Knik is a native name reported in 1906 by T.G. Gerdine and R.H. Sargent, USGS, However the Knik River's name was recorded in 1852, and was spelled [igniq]. Knik is recorded as meaning fire. Kink Lake was recorded in 1911 and said to derived from the village of Knik.


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