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Cape Izhut

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58 ° 6' 7.999" N,
152 ° 20' 19" W


Kodiak Island

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17 mi. NE of Afognak, at mouth of Duck Bay, on SE coast of Afognak I., N of Kodiak I.


Native name published by Captain Tebenkov (1852, map 23), Imperial Russian Navy (IRN), as "M(ys) Izhut (Pyatidesyatnitsy)" or "Cape Izut (Whitsuntide)," who identifies it with the Whitsunday (Pillar Cape) of Captain Cook in 1778. Sub=Lt. Mikhail Murashev, URN, call this point "M(ys) Sharypov" or "Cape Sharypov" in 1839 or 1840 and it was published as such by the Russian Hydrographic Dept. in 1849 on Chart 1425. The Russian @american Company applied the name for this feature to the southern entrance to King Cove, 12.5 mi. to the NE, in 1849.