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in Gulf of Alaska, near Mount Elias.


This reef seems to have been first reported July 15, 1779, by Jose Camizares. Several other diaries of the Spanish expedition also mention the reef although Don Ignacio Arteaga and one of the others expressed opinions that it was only som white wood floating on the water. On Camacho's map of the expedition, the shoal appears at about 591000N off Mount St. Elias (Wagner, 1937, p. 481). Captain Vancouver, (1798, v. 3, p. 225), RN, refers to it as "Roca Pamplona of the Spaniards." Captain Tebenkov, Imperial Russian Navy (IRN), relate that Talin, mate of the Russian vessel Orel, meaning "Eagle," saw it in 1794 and named it "Orel" after his ship (Baker, 1906, p. 488). This feature was never subsequently found and what was seen may have been a tide rip and discolored water, which is common in this area, or a grounded mass of ice from Malaspina Glacier, which was more extensive then.

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