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Great East Rookery

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56 ° 36' 0" N,
169 ° 28' 60" W


Aleutians West (CA)


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0.5 mi. NW of Tolstoi Point, on NE coast of St. George I., Pribilof Islands.


H.W. Elliott (1872-1874) called this sea rookery, with 900 ft. of sea margin, "Great East Rookery." Present usage appears to be "Great East Rookery." The Aleut name according to Putnam (1903, p. 1014), US@C&GS, was "Anagchucknunum-algaralogray" meaning "the rookery at Anagchucknunum." "Anagchucknunum" is the Aleut name for a bluff along the east part of this rookery.