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  • 10 in 10 - 10 hours - $210 Adults / $110 Youth
      This tour takes you to the best alpine hiking in Valdez with amazing views of town, Port Valdez, mountains, glaciers. Start from down on the shores of Port Valdez and work your way back into the alpine around 2,000ft in elevation. The trail is not too difficult and makes for an enjoyable approach. There are lots of berries beginning mid-August. Once in the alpine there are many variations we can take with things to see and places to explore. Climb the rocky knolls (usually adds 1000ft of gross elevation gain) or follow the creek through the valley for minimal incline. For those wishing to cover a lot of ground we can make our way all the to the glacier at the end.
  • Alpine Hike and Packraft - 8 hours - $255 Adults / $ Youth
      This tour has a section of steep hiking to access the alpine. It's followed by a lovely walk through the alpine, packrafting down the lake, and more hiking along a stream with fantastic waterfalls. If we're making good time, we can continue up the valley to explore the glacier.
  • Backcountry Basecamps - 3 days - $620 Adults / $480 Youth
      Starting out of Valdez, our backcountry basecamps begin and end with a helicopter ride over glaciers and mountains, en route to and from our remote locations. We select our basecamps based on the views and array of activities available.
  • Custom Adventure Tours - 3 days - $ Adults / $ Youth
      There is no way to give the itinerary for this as it is whatever you want it to be. Often this tour includes covering much of the state in one to two week periods. Knocking out goal after goal, seeing as much as we can within your budget and time frame. We will pick you up from Juneau, Fairbanks, or Anchorage and your tour can end in any one of those three cities, it doesn't have to be the same as your arrival city. There's a lot to see so why double back if you don't have to. Arrive in Anchorage as we travel along Cook Inlet, visit the resort town of Girdwood, do a day cruise in Kenai Fjords, fly around Denali and walk on a glacier, do a remote drop off backpacking trip in the heart of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park where you can go a full week without seeing another human. Drive up the haul road through the Brooks Range, whale watching in Juneau, flightseeing Glacier Bay National Park, get up close to Alaskan wildlife. Take a bush flight and land in the arctic circle. Try living off the grid in remote Alaska. The possibilities are endless. Contact us to see how we can make your trip to Alaska one of the greatest trips of your life. *Some tours require partnering with third party guides, outfitters, and companies. These expenses will be covered by Alaska Guide Co. within your tour quote. Liability while on third party tours, rest with third party hosting.
  • Custom Valdez Glacier Photography Tour - 3 days - $350 Adults / $ Youth
  • Easy Breezy Alpine Hike - 3 hours - $110 Adults / $55 Youth
      This is an easy alpine hike for those looking to enjoy mountain and glacier views. Terrain features include alpine pools to explore or take a dip in if you're brave enough. Along with rolling rocky terrain for kids to climb and jump from. Perfect for families or those wishing to bring their dog. You may see black bear or mountain goats depending on how far back you end up hiking. July features wildflowers and butterflies while August low bush blueberries are in season. In September the alpine is coated in reds, oranges, and other vibrant fall colors. Middle of September-October it is possible there might be a thin layer of snow blanketing the ground. While the elevation gain is mild, this is considered an off-trail hike. Those with balance or walking concerns would probably not find this tour enjoyable.
  • Family Hike & Explore - 3 hours - $125 Adults / $60 Youth
      The Family Hike & Explore tour is designed for groups and families that aren't looking for anything too difficult but still keeps things interesting while taking in the great views Valdez has to offer. The terrain includes rolling alpine, rocky outcroppings, streams, and pools. For groups that like to keep moving and exploring this tour can be up to 6 miles roundtrip with 900ft elevation gain. However, everything is tailored to what your group wants to do. We can go for a mile and play in the water if your group wants to keep it simple and easy. Possible animal viewing on this tour can include arctic ground squirrels, marmots, bald eagles, other birds of prey, mountain goats, and possible bear. Generally, you will need to do the full length of the tour near the need of summer to have a chance of a bear sighting.
  • Glacier Lookout - 3 hours - $150 Adults / $ Youth
  • Glacier Lookout Hike and Stay - 2 days - $385 Adults / $290 Youth
      This tour is not for everyone. Participants should be fit and adventurous. The hike begins along a trail maintained by Alaska Guide Co traveling a mile and a half through the brush with a mostly moderate incline. The trail then turns to a steep hike/scramble up to the alpine. If it has been raining recently the trail may be slick. Some portions of this section have rope assistance. Once in the alpine the route wraps around the mountain making little elevation gains as you go with a couple moderate elevation gains. They are steep enough people who are afraid of heights can find unnerving but really aren't bad or unsafe. July is the best time for doing the hike if you wish to catch the wildflowers in bloom. This tour may be extended by adding additional nights at Glacier Lookout. Additional activities such as hikes, West Peak summits, and rock climbing may also be included in this tour. Please inquire if you are interested in extending this tour. The records for hiking Glacier Lookout are 2.5 hours in and 1hour 7 mins out. Most people will take roughly 6-7 hours to hike in and 4.5 hours to hike out. The hike is roughly 5 miles and has an elevation difference of 3,600 ft. If participants are not able to complete the hike refunds are not an option as you are reserving Glacier Lookout.
  • Glacier Lookout Open House - 3 hours - $235 Adults / $235 Youth
  • Gold Creek Canoe Tour - 5 hours - $195 Adults / $95 Youth
  • High Alpine Hike - 3 days - $1350 Adults / $1150 Youth
      This tour begins and ends with a helicopter ride to skip any bushwhacking. There are a few variations to the tour which allow us to minimize or maximize altitude gain and loss depending on what type of hiking you wish to do. People considering this tour should be comfortable with heights and steep terrain, and have good balance. While most of the terrain is fairly mild, there are sections that may worry some people uneasy with heights. Spend the whole tour away from cell phone service and people. This tour gets you isolated and able to immerse yourself in the beautiful alpine nature of Valdez, as we hike roughly 8 miles through the Chugach mountains. Highlights of the tour include amazing mountain views, hiking through the alpine, chances to get up close to mountain goats, northern lights viewing in late August and September, beautiful lakes, and abandoned gold mines. While we have the minimum age set to 8 on this tour, it might not be the best fit for youth that don't truly enjoy hiking and are strong enough to pack their own gear. Please talk to us when considering this for younger participants.
  • Icebergs SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) - 3 hours - $155 Adults / $130 Youth
      Paddle boarding around icebergs? You bet! If SUP is your thing, this tour will likely be the most unique stand up paddle boarding you'll experience. Get up close to the icebergs and touch the ice. Glide across the surface surrounded by the blue ice of the Valdez Glacier Icebergs.
  • Mountain Pass to Glacier Face - 12 hours - $425 Adults / $320 Youth
      This tour involves a helicopter drop off in the mountains outside of Valdez with a helicopter pickup on the face of Valdez Glacier. It's roughly 8 miles of hiking but can become longer with additional exploring. The tour begins around 3,500ft and climbs up to 4,200ft before descending down and hiking out along Valdez Glacier. Most of the terrain is gradual and mild but off trail with the occasional scramble. Can be difficult for some. Features include many glacier and mountain views, alpine lakes and streams, passing near an abandoned gold mine, alpine terrain, a short section through the brush (no bushwhacking) and walking the surface of Valdez Glacier. Animal sightings may include mountain goats, black bears, marmots, pika squirrels, arctic ground squirrels, ptarmigan, eagles, and mountain songbirds. This tour maybe be extended into multiple day experience.
  • Northern Lights Tours - 12 hours - $ Adults / $ Youth
      Our Alaska Northern Lights tours are exciting and rewarding for those looking to chase the aurora's. Our Northern Lights tours will further south than most, this is because we prefer the foreground that you generally don't get in other aurora shots. Our foreground has real mountains and large non-frozen lakes for beautiful reflections. Tours begin in Fairbanks to guarantee the best chance of viewing the aurora borealis. From there we watch the cloud weather and space weather and see what are options are. This tour can take us all over Alaska and the Yukon. Most common locations can include: Delta Junction (AK), Tok (AK), Valdez (AK), Talkeetna (AK), Paxson (AK), Whitehorse (YT), Kluane National Park (YT), Beaver Creek (YT) as well as many others with and without names. Each evening we will set out to maximize clear skies, aurora viewing, and diverse foregrounds. Our tours cover a lot of driving for maximum change of scenery as best opportunities for viewing the Northern Lights. Some nights may cover up to 500 miles of driving to ensure you get the best possible aurora viewing. For the more adventurous travelers this tour can include, remote off grid lodging and remote bush plane flights, if desired.
  • Packrafting Valdez Glacier - 3 hours - $165 Adults / $ Youth
  • Sheep Bench Mountain Biking - 4 hours - $210 Adults / $ Youth
      If your looking for some fun fairly light mountain biking in the alpine backcountry this is the tour. On the way out most of the route is bikeable for those with previous mountain biking experience. For those with none the way out might be in the neighborhood of half leisurely hike and half riding. However the ride out is a backcountry park of slopes and rolling rocks for a variety of choices to have your style of ride out.
  • Summer Ice Climbing - 5 hours - $275 Adults / $195 Youth
      Summer ice climbing has a few options. The tour includes hiking, ice climbing, and a traverse crossing. It can also include scrambling, rock climbing, ice caves, and canyoneering type traveling. Accessing the climbs. So far 2021 the ice cave face has averaged a 2+ hours, the moulin roughly 2 hours, the divide walls an hour and a half. Proficient groups where all party members are comfortable with heights could access climbs in half this time. Participants will need to be able to pack roughly 20lbs when carrying their boots, crampons, harness, and helmet plus any water, snacks, or additional clothing layers. Harnesses support up to a 39inch(100cm) waist.
  • test - 5 hours - $1 Adults / $ Youth
  • Town to Glacier Traverse - 6 hours - $425 Adults / $405 Youth
      This day hike begins with a helicopter ride up to the alpine of the Chugach mountains behind Valdez. From there we begin a two mile journey exploring along the way, taking in the sights and enjoying the isolation. The hiking is fairly easy for most travelers, however there is no trail and hiking can contain side hilling and uneven terrain. In early June the path can contain snowfields. Animal sightings on this tour can include; mountain goat, bear, marmot, arctic ground squirrel, pika, ptarmigan and eagles.
  • Valdez Glacier and Icebergs - 3 hours - $185 Adults / $95 Youth
      The top rated tour in Valdez on Trip Advisor. 100% 5 star reviews everywhere. Our Valdez Glacier and Iceberg tour begins at Valdez Glacier Lake, past the airport at the end of Airport Road. There we will meet you with a canoe and life jackets. This private tour requires a minimum of 2 people, and can accommodate groups as large as 12 average adults at a time. No canoe experience is required. Guides do the paddling, participants may paddle if they would like to do so. One in 30 tours we experience winds on the lake and may request participants to help paddle. A couple times a year winds force us to cancel or switch tours. The full refund cancellation or switch and prorate is decided by the client, if the guide determines the conditions to be unsafe on the lake. We will canoe out towards Valdez Glacier exploring the icebergs, and when possible and safe, their ice caves. On July 7, 2020 the entire ice shelf of the glacier calved into thousands of icebergs. Currently there is no safe option to get on the glacier from the lake, as the face of the glacier is blocked by a group of unstable icebergs locked together. At this time there are a high volume of icebergs in the lake. We anticipate there being several ice caves available to view throughout each tour with at least one that would provide safe entrance in the canoe. However this is ice, it's constantly melting and changing so we can't offer 100% guarantees. These are our honest assessments based on years of observation out there. The option to walk on an iceberg exist if a suitable iceberg can be found for safe exit and entry of the canoe. Cruise Ship Days For cruise ship passengers this tour is NOT a private tour unless it is for a party of five or six. Otherwise on cruise days this becomes a combined tour of two guides and up to six passengers. We pick up cruise passengers at the dock and will return them to the dock or in town locations if they prefer.
  • Valdez Guided Rock Climbing - 4 hours - $115 Adults / $75 Youth
      Our rock climbing tours are available in Valdez and up along Worthington Glacier. Climbing down in Valdez is open as early as the end of March depending on weather while rock climbing in Worthington Glacier can open as late as the beginning of June. Check with us for projected accessibility if looking to rock climb sooner than those dates. All of our rock climbing guides are residents of Valdez and have expert knowledge of the area.
  • Valdez Hikes and Camping - 8 hours - $250 Adults / $75 Youth
      Our hikes and camping tours are intended for those looking to go out either off trail or on trails/routes that most tourist do not venture on. Some unpromoted trails around Valdez are best done with a guide, as the occasional tourist has needed search and rescue to save them. These hikes venture further and can perfectly accommodate overnight and extended camping. We also have camping tours for families with younger children who might want to camp remotely without needing to cover as much distance. Please exercise caution describing how intense a tour you're wanting, when signing younger children up. What many outside of Alaska consider tough and roughing it can very well be our starting point of easy/beginner. Last thing we want is for everyone to have a miserable time. There are no facilities available along these tours. Be prepared to pack what you need, and do what you need to out in the wilderness. If you are wanting to camp between Mid May - September be prepared, it doesn't get dark. Winter camping will cost more as more gear is needed.
  • Valdez Northern Lights - 4 hours - $130 Adults / $45 Youth
      Are you going to be in Valdez and want to get out to view the northern lights? Our tour is designed to be easy viewing. We will keep you posted on cloud cover and space weather conditions then if it looks like it will be worth it we will let you know and finalize the tour the day of the tour. No locked in commitments.
  • Valdez Sea to Sky Cruise Excursion - 3 hours - $255 Adults / $125 Youth
      A more personal tour for half the price of booking through the cruise ship while also seeing more. Unlike our other tours this is not a private tour. The Valdez Sea to Sky Cruise Excursion picks you up from your dock and drives you out to historic Dayville Rd where you visit the Solomon Gulch Fish Hatchery. Next stop is Keystone Canyon to view our many waterfalls. Then it continues up to the alpine mountain tundra of Thompson Pass.
  • Valdez Winter Ice Caves - 4 hours - $160 Adults / $80 Youth
      Join our guides on a walk around the Valdez Glacier icebergs getting up close to blue ice. We'll take you out to the best caves and neatest hidden features.
  • Valdez Winter Ice Climbing - 4 hours - $185 Adults / $150 Youth
      Valdez host some of Alaska's best ice climbing. Our winter ice climbing is great for beginners who are looking to get introduced to the sport or to intermediate climbers who have experience but want to try out the ice in Valdez. Most of our winter climbing takes place in Keystone Canyon however when conditions permit we can offer ice climbing on the icebergs of Valdez Glacier.
  • Winter SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) - 3 hours - $155 Adults / $ Youth
      When everything else is frozen over Port Valdez stays fluid. On a calm day you can slide along the glassy surface Port Valdez taking in the quite of summer with the occasional sea bird flying by. Probably one of the most fun aspects of this tour is the frequency at which the seals watch us. The Dock Point and Mineral Creek area has the rocky islands and is great for getting close to seals and otters. While Old Town is an up close historic tour with the remnants of the old docks and and relics lost to the sea. Old town also provides lots of opportunities to see seals as well, they seem to be more comfortable getting closer to us in that setting. They prefer the shallow water when the orcas are in Port Valdez.
  • Worthington Grand Hike - 5 hours - $185 Adults / $95 Youth
      Our Worthington Grand Hike is a trail free alpine hike that gets you unique views of Worthington Glacier. The full hike is roughly 6 miles roundtrip. Majority of the hike is a gentle 10-15° incline. The maximum angle on incline is 35° and extends 350ft at the beginning of the hike, but after that it's a nice enjoyable terrain with great views. It's terrific for those looking to do a full day hike immersed in nature away from everyone else. Wildlife viewing on this tour may include arctic ground squirrels, marmots, ptarmigan, various birds of prey, mountain goats, moose, and brown or black bears.
  • Worthington Trek, Valdez - 4 hours - $145 Adults / $90 Youth
      Worthington Glacier has receded to a point where there's not much to see from the accessible parts of the glacier. We take you to the places where you can still get up close to the glacier, and enjoy some amazing views. This tour begins and ends at Worthington Glacier Parking Lot, located 28 mile Richardson Highway. We meet you out there and begin our journey to Worthington Glacier. This tour gives people the opportunity to get up close and personal with Worthington Glacier. As opposed to the trail which leads to a steep face surrounded by steep rocky cliffs, we travel to places where you can climb in and on Worthington Glacier. This tour may include a Tyrolean traverse depending on the water levels of the creek. Our harnesses range from child sizes to adult XL (39-inch (100cm) waist). It can also include some mild scrambles or climbing if preferred. Physical condition should be taken into consideration.


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