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Glacier Lookout Luncheon

Quick Facts
Nearest City



Year Round


2-3 Hours

Adult Cost


Groups of 3

$480 per person

Youth (Under 13) Cost


Minimum Age


Glacier Lookout Luncheon in Detail.


Take a helicopter flight up to Glacier Lookout, Alaska's only traditional fire lookout. While there, take in the views and have a meal, relax, or explore the alpine. This is a private tour you will have the lookout to yourself with a guide on hand.

While this tour is offered year-round it is very weather dependent to make sure you can fly in and out safely. Due to the costs of helicopters this tour requires 2 or more people.

A meal is not provided - the tour is named such as it is enough time to fly up to the lookout, have a meal, and relax before flying back down.

Equipment Provided

Recommended You Bring

  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Dress in layers as you will be up in the mountains it might be breezy and a bit cooler than at sea level

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