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61 ° 19' 43" N,
149 ° 44' 19" W



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Eagle River



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heads at Eagle Glacier, flows NW to Eagle Bay, 9 mi. NE of Anchorage, Cook Inlet Low. 40 miles long.


Local name reported in 1916 by the Alaska Engineering Commission. Its Indian name was "Yukla-hina" according to U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in 1898.


On December 23, 2023, 1 person died while walking. Read More

Places Near Eagle River

Ch-ak-nileght, Chansh Kaq-, Dgheyay Kaq-, K-enakatnu Kaq-, Nels Klevens, Nuk-elehitnu Kaq-,


Bootlegger Cove, Eagle Bay, Goose Bay, Goose Bay, Knik Arm, Nolfi Cove,


Cairn Point, K-eł Taydeght, K-qiydulghakt, Ts-es I-unt,




Anchorage, Eagle River,


Snowhawk Creek,


Chester Creek Dam, Country Gardens Nursery Dam, Gregory Lake Dam, Lake -O- the Hills Dam, Otter Lake Dam, Ship Creek Dam,


Eagle River Flats,


Bunker Hill,


Crescent Moon Island, Long Island, Loon Island,


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KCK, Tiki Cruiser, Wolverine Chutes,


Near Point, Tanaina Peak, Temptation Peak, Wolverine Peak,


Lake Otis Park, Altoona Park, Arnold L Muldoon Park, Balto Seppala Park, Bancroft Park, Baxter Bog Park, Beach Lake Park, Bentzen Lake Park, Big Lake South State Recreation Site, Campbell Creek Greenbelt Park, Campbell Creek Park, Carlson Park, Centennial Park, Charles W Smith Memorial Park, Chester Creek Greenbelt Park, Connors Lake Park, Cope Street Park, Cottonwood Park, David Green Park, Davis Park, Delaney Park, Didlika Park, East Chester/Woodside Park, Elderberry Park, Fairbanks Park, Fairview Park, Far North Bicentennial Park, Forsythe Park, Frontier Park, Gladys Wood Park, Goose Lake Park, Hillside Park, Jacobson Park, Javier Dela Vega Park, Kwanis Fish Creek Park, Linden Park, Lore Park, Lynn Ary Park, Margaret E Sullivan Park, Minnesota Park, Nichols Park, Northwood Park, Nulbay Park, Pamela Joy Lowry Memorial Park, Papago Park, Paxton Memorial Park, Pop Carr Park, Quyana Park, Resolution Park, Roosevelt Park, Russian Jack Springs Park, Ruth Arcand Park, Salmon Run Park, Shady Birch Park, Shady Lane Park, Sitka Street Park, Southwood Park, Springer Park, Stonegate Park, Taku Campbell Creek Park, Thompson Park, Tkishla Park, University Park, Ure Park, Wickersham Park, Wilson Street Park, Wolverine Park,


Elliot, Kanchee Peak, Knoya Peak, The Dome, Tikishla Peak, Mount William Barrett,


Eagle River,


Carol Creek, Ch-ak-nileghtnu, Chester Creek, Clunie Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Crocker Creek, Fire Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Fossil Creek, Goose Creek, Hood Creek, Htidaghituntnu, Little Campbell Creek, Meadow Creek, Middle Branch South Fork Chester Creek, Middle Fork Chester Creek, Mink Creek, Mule Creek, North Branch South Fork Chester Creek, North Fork Campbell Creek, North Fork Chester Creek, North Fork Little Campbell Creek, North Fork Ship Creek, O-Brien Creek, Ship Creek, Sixmile Creek, Soldier Creek, South Branch South Fork Chester Creek, South Fork Campbell Creek, South Fork Chester Creek, South Fork Little Campbell Creek, Threemile Creek,


Alder Trail, Alder Trail Part 2, Blueberry Hollow Trail, Denali View Trail, Eagle River Green Belt Trail, Golden Grass Trail, Hemlock Knob Trail, Iditarod Trail, Little Loop Trail, Long Lake Trail, Lost Cabin Valley Trail, Muktuk Marston Memorial Trail, Near Point Trail, North Fork Trail, Panorama View Trail, Picnic Loop Trail, Rondevous Peak Trail, Rondevous Ridge Trail, Silver Fern Trail, South Fork Rim Trail, Spencer Loop Trail, Spencer Trail, White Spruce Trail, Williwaw Lakes Trail, Wolverine Bowl Loop Trail, Wolverine Bowl Trail, Wolverine Peak Trail,


Campbell Creek Canyon,


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