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60 ° 17' 37.514" N,
140 ° 55' 44.314" W




17949 ft (5470.86 m)


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On the Alaska-Canada boundary, 3 mi NE of Haydon Peak, 67 mi. NW of Yakutat, St. Elias Mountains.


The sighting of Mount Saint Elias on July 16, 1741 (Old Style (O.S.) calendar) by Vitus Bering, Imperial Russian Navy (IRN), the Saint Peter, represents the "official" discovery of northwestern America by the Russians. Although many authorities give Bering credit for naming the mountain, it appears more likely that the name was borrowed from Cape Saint Elias by eighteenth century mapmakers and applied to the "high volcano" left unnamed by its discoverer. The first ascent of the mountain was made July 31, 1897 by His Royal Highness, Prince Luigi Amedeo de Savoia, Duke of the Abruzzi and his party. See Farquhar (1959, p. 229, 230). According to H. W. Topham, in 1888, its Tlingit Indian name was "Yahtse-tah-shah."

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