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Mulgrave Hills

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67 ° 40' 41" N,
163 ° 26' 2" W


Northwest Arctic


1348 ft (410.87 m)


Mulgrave Hills in Detail.


Trends NE-SW, in the W end of the Brooks Range between the Noatak River, Wulik River, and the Chukshi Sea, Arctic Slope.


Named on July 31, 1868 by Captain F. W. Beechey, RN derived from a name given on August 14, 1778, by Captain James Cook, Royal Navy (RN), who applied the name Point Mulgrave at the W end of these mountains, but Captain Frederick W. Beechey (1831, p. 262) coming nearer to the coast in 1826 saw that no point existed and transfered the name to "hills." Beechy's chart shows Mulgrave Hills. Reverend Stuck (1920, p. 89) says that they were named for Lord Mulgrave who was, "the Captain Constantine Phipps who made a noted voyage to the North Pole in 1772 and reached a latitude of 8048 off the coast of Spitzbergen."

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Igiglogruk Mountain, Umagatsiak Hill,

Mountain Ranges:

Alutunitok Hills, Mulgrave Hills,


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