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65 ° 15' 49" N,
166 ° 21' 38.999" W


Nome (CA)

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population 217, on a spit between Port Clarence and Grantley Harbor, 55 mi. SE of Cape Prince of Wales, Seward Peninsula High.


In 1827 Captain Beechey (1831, p. 543), Royal Navy (RN), reported that at this place "called Nooke by the natives, there were some Esquimaux fishermen * * *. They appeared to have established themselves upon this point for the purpose of catching and drying fish." This location was used in the winter of 1866-67 as quarters by Captain Daniel B. Libby's section of the Western Union Telegraph Expedition, and was known as "Libbysville" or "Libby Station." In 1867 "The Esquimaux," a monthly newspaper, which was published there, noted (July 2, p. 38), "Nook, the spot which divided Grantley Harbor from Port Clarence." In the 1880 Census, Petroff (1884, p. 11) listed a "Nook" at Cape Douglas with a population of 36 Eskimo. It is doubtful that any permanent settlement was established here before 1900, when the village of Teller "was founded * * * after the Bluestone placers, 15 miles to the south, were discovered. A town named "Bering, * * * 5 miles south of Teller, was the first settlement, but the newer town