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Pillar Cape

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58 ° 8' 59" N,
152 ° 6' 42" W


Kodiak Island

Nearest City

Duck Village


220 ft (67.06 m)

Pillar Cape in Detail.


27 mi. NE of Afognak, on SE coast of Afognak I., N of Kodiak I.


Translation by U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (USC&GS) of the name "M(ys) Kyekur," published by the Russian-American Company in 1849. On Sunday, June 7, 1778 Capt. Cook (1785, p. 404), Royal Navy (RN), reported "* * *This promontory, * * *was named, after the day, Cape Whitsunday. A large bay (Izhut Bay), which lies to the West of it, obtained the name of Whitsunday Bay * * *". See Kekur Island.