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Kenai Peninsula

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60 ° 10' 0" N,
150 ° 15' 0" W


Kenai Peninsula


2264 ft (690.07 m)


Kenai Peninsula in Detail.


Incomplete record - should be at least 69 maps, LATLONGs truncated in PH I by GIPSY - 9512. Extends SW from Turnagain Arm and Passage Canal, bounded on E by Gulf of Alaska and on W by Cook Inlet, Chugach Mts. and Cook Inlet Low.


Name published in 1868 by US@C&GS; probably derived from Kenayskaya the name given by the Russians in the 1790's to Cook Inlet. commodore Joseph Billings, called it Kanaiski land in 1802; Constantin Grewingk called it Tschugatsk Halbinsel or Chugach Peninsula in 1850.