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58 ° 29' 41" N,
134 ° 47' 36" W




7 ft (2.13 m)


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Getting There

From Juneau head just over 12 miles north on Glacier Highway, turn left on Amalga Harbor Rd. The road is just over a half mile long to the boat launch/harbor.


on W shore of Favorite Channel, 1 mi. N of Pearl Harbor and 19 mi. Nw of Juneau, Coast Mts.; 0.2 mile wide.

Amalga Harbor has an easy access boat launch north or Juneau. The harbor is fairly well protected by Kishbrock Island, and other smaller islands, as waves in Favorite Channel generally run north-south.


Local name derived from the former settlement of Amalga at the Eagle River Mine 5.5 mi. to the N. The mining company had a wharf and warehouse here about 1905 (DeArmond, 1957).

Naming: Amalga Harbor is a local name derived from a former settlement of Amalga at the Eagle River mine 5.5 miles north. The mining company had a wharf and warehouse here around 1905.

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