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64 ° 28' 15" N,
149 ° 19' 2" W


Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)

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Tributary to

Nenana River


Fish Creek,


90 mi (144.84 km)


413 ft (125.88 m)


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Getting There

The Teklanika River heads inside Denali National Park and passes under the Denali Park Rd. But cars are not permitted that far into the park. However the Park Shuttle buses can take you to the river, they follow it some ways before crossing it.

Another option is drive along the (George) Parks Highway, just south of Clear if heading south (from Fairbanks) shortly after the highway crosses the river. Turn west on Kobe Ag Rd. At some point down the road you'll likely need to switch out to an ATV and continue out to the river.

Other options include traveling to the end of Stampede Road off the Parks Highway in Healy. Then hiking about 10 miles to where Stampede Trail crosses Teklanika River.

You can also charter a flight from Fairbanks or Talkeetna if you want to spend a lot more money. Only three air taxi's are permitted to land within the park and all three operate out of Talkeetna. But the shuttle bus is by far the most economical way to access the river.


Teklanika River heads at Cantwell Glacier, in the Alaska Range, and flows north to Nenana River, 10 miles southwest of Nenana. It's 90 miles long.

Teklanika River can be up to Class V water. Many people ford the upper portion of the river while hiking the Stampede Trail. Success and ease depends on time of year and weather at play. Heat can mean excessive glacial melt and high cold water. Rain obviously means more run off and higher waters. The same goes with floating the river.

If considering floating the river scout it out first soon before attempting as conditions can change somewhat abruptly.

The Teklanika River camp ground is located twenty-nine miles on the Park Road. It provides a good base camp for exploring the upper river.

Random interesting note Ansel Adams photographed the Teklanika River.



Chris McCandless "Alexander Supertramp" whilst not drowning in the river was unable to cross it and ended up starving to death. August 16, 2010 Claire Jane Ackermann, 29, from Switzerland drowned while fording the river.

Naming Native name meaning "Tekla Creek," reported in 1910 by L. M. Prindle, USGS.

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