Valdez Hikes and Camping

Valdez Hikes and Camping

The see more and stay out longer tour

The Valdez Hikes and Camping tour

Venture further, stay longer, embrace the wilderness.


Our hikes and camping tours are intended for those looking to go out either off trail or on trails/routes that most tourist do not venture on. Some unpromoted trails around Valdez are best done with a guide, as the occasional tourist has needed search and rescue to save them. These hikes venture further and can perfectly accommodate overnight and extended camping.

We also have camping tours for families with younger children who might want to camp remotely without needing to cover as much distance. Please exercise caution describing how intense a tour you're wanting, when signing younger children up. What many outside of Alaska consider tough and roughing it can very well be our starting point of easy/beginner. Last thing we want is for everyone to have a miserable time.

There are no facilities available along these tours. Be prepared to pack what you need, and do what you need to out in the wilderness. If you are wanting to camp between Mid May - September be prepared, it doesn't get dark.

Winter camping will cost more as more gear is needed.

Equipment Provided
  • Tent / Bivy
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Backpack
  • Meals
Recommended You Bring
  • Good Hiking Shoes
  • Appropriate Clothing for the Season and Length of Tour
  • Small Pillow if Desired

Time and Place

Nearest City
Mid June - Oct
7-8 Hours

Ages and Fees

Adult Cost
$250 per day
Adult Overnight
$60 per night
Child Cost (ages 2 - 11)
$75 per day
Child Overnight
$30 per night
Minimum Age
Valdez Alaska glacier tours at sunset

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